Grids, Design Guidelines, Broken Rules, and the Streets of New York City

February 1, 2014

What do the streets of New York City have to do with web and graphic design? For better or worse, the grid.

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Grids: Recondite Structures of Design

November 11, 2010

Grids, along with visual hierarchy, typography, color theory, rhythm, etc., are the basic foundations of design and yet they are widely ignored by the industry.

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Grids: An Invisible Foundation

December 11, 2008

What do houses and well designed pages have in common? They are both built on a framework—a carefully measured, solid structure that forms a foundation on which to build.

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Blueprint CSS Framework

December 8, 2008

Blueprint is a CSS framework that gives you a solid CSS foundation to build your project on top of, with an easy-to-use grid, sensible typography, and even a stylesheet for printing.

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Sarah France

December 5, 2008

Beautiful portfolio site by Sarah France with a well designed six column grid system.

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The Grid: The Structure of Design

November 28, 2008

Using a grid is one of those basic design principles. A grid is made up of vertical and horizontal lines and is the foundation of nearly every type of visual media.

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