The Golden Proportion

January 6, 2010

The golden section- a precise way of dividing a line, music or anything else-is showed up early in mathematics.

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The Golden Ratio in Web Design

January 6, 2010

You would be surprised to find out that most aesthetically pleasing designs, works of art, objects and even people have math in common. Specifically the Golden Ratio…

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From Golden Mean to “Rule of Thirds”

August 24, 2009

An article by Garr Reynolds that explains the basic technique of the Rule of Thirds and how it relates to the Golden Mean or Golden Section.

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Design and the Divine Proportion

January 27, 2009

A key component in the vehicle of communication is composition, and in design schooling it is taught as something you should feel rather than create logically.

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Feeling Your Way Around Grids

January 6, 2009

The Golden Section, Golden Ratio, and the grandiose Divine Proportion are all names for the same thing; a ratio of 1.618.

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Why Use a Grid?

December 5, 2008

Grid design is a fundamental skill of any designer. Understanding proportional relationships, white space and composition are all vital in constructing a grid for any delivery platform.

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Grid Systems: Principles of Organizing Type

November 21, 2008

Grid Systems provides a rich, easy-to-understand overview and demonstrates a step-by-step approach to typographic composition.

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